About Us

Destiny Arise is a Christian non-profit organisation that was birthed by Hazel Herrington Meares in 2015.  The organisation exists to empower women by helping them start small businesses so that they can become economically independent and self-sufficient.  These small loans help women earn a regular income, so that they can provide the basic necessities for their families and send their children to school.   Destiny Arise is also passionate about empowering women so that they can become leaders in their community and break the cycle of poverty.

How we Work

Destiny Arise provides collateral free small loans to women who do not have collateral, a credit history or the means of accessing a loan from a bank.  Business Workshops are run quarterly with a holistic approach to equip women with the Business Training and Financial training they need to launch their business into reality.  These workshops also provide the women with an opportunity to network, so that they can share ideas, make connections and build enduring mutually beneficial relationships.

Loan officers and business mentors work with the women and the term of the loan varies but is typically from six months to 1 year.  Loans are recycled and lent out to help another woman start her own business and break out of poverty.

Women are also taught how to run ethically sound businesses, how to open a bank account manage and save their money.  This helps them keep their money safely and help them plan for the future.

Why we exist

Destiny Arise exists to empower women to become economically independent and self -sufficient and seeks to fulfill the word of God spoken by Jesus in 3 John 2. “Beloved I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers”. It is God’s will that we prosper and become successful entrepreneurs so that we can spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Empowering  women to become economically independent and self sufficient so that they can earn a regular income and provide for their families and become leaders in their community. 


To empower women by giving them the opportunity, to start a small business and walk into a future free from poverty.


Applying our values by being honest and having strong moral principles in the running of our organisation. Upholding consistent moral and ethical standards that encourage open communication that build mutually beneficial relationships with the women we serve, our supporters, employees, donors and volunteers

Our goal is to educate and help women apply moral and social responsibility in their business practices and decision-making in their business.


Accountability and responsibility with the resources, abilities and opportunities that have been entrusted to our care.


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